The Importance of Sunscreen for Your Little One when Activities Outside

Little Skin that is thinner and prone to sunburn makes Mother must be careful in providing protection when outdoors activities, one of them with the use of special sunscreens for babies and children. It feels good to be able to be with your little ones outside, enjoying the fresh air by walking, playing on the beach, or just playing in the garden or playground. For the sake of maintaining safety and health during activities, Mother also needs to pay attention to how to protect your skin from the bad effects of sunlight while playing outdoors. Impact of Sun Exposure The skin uses sunlight to produce vitamin D which is useful for bone formation and health. Nevertheless, ultraviolet (UV) rays found in the sun have the potential for harm to the body, especially the skin. Too much exposure to UV light can cause sunburn and damage skin cells. The epidermis layer of the skin does have cells that contain the melanin pigment, which is useful for protecting the skin from UV rays. But over
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